Once upon a time there was a little Whirl Wind.

It played a bit near a house.

Then suddenly the whirlwind was trapped inside the house.

Can you find your way to the garden so it can play freely once more......?


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Thanks Guys for your comments.

As usual I took on too many things for the time I had. 

I'm definitely going to add more stuff like what you see / do in the basketball part :D


I liked the basketball part.good stuff

I really like the art direction. It's unusual but works very well for this kind of game. It would be fun to have more scenes, and maybe some sound effects and music to go with it. It reminds me a bit of the Orisinal games.

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Thanks for commenting LittleGames.

Edit: I wish there was more as well :D

I love the sketch look and the particle effect off the whirlwind is fun to watch.  I wish there were more things to juggle and push around.  The physics are fun.  Cool concept.

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Thanks Jeffrey for commenting.

It is a bug by bad design. There is nothing more so you will keep shooting baskets and eat eggs.

The whirlwind is the cursor. On mobile you don't have an arrow but I of course could make an arrow, but that will overlap the whirlwind. Or I could make a cursor below the whirlwind ...

And if your point is that the objects aren't exactly being pushed where you 'aim', that is designed as well : eratic control. It is in the nature of the whirlwind to whirl stuff :D

Edit: On my drive to work I thought about your comments. Maybe I should adjust the eratic control and keep an easier control and adjust the difficulty what you need to do with the objects.

Thanks for the feedback mate!

Very nice. Think I found a bug. After completing the easter egg scene, it sent me back to the basketball. One suggestion is that it would be nice to know exactly where the cursor is.